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Crochet slipper boots

Winter is coming. Or, more accurately, has come, at least to London.

At the end of last winter I was reluctantly forced to admit that tying the soles of my beloved NZ sheepskin slippers on with rubber bands wasn’t the classiest of looks and maybe it was time I threw them out. Readers, I threw them. Which meant, come this winter, I was slipperless and completely unprepared.

I wandered around Next and M&S and hated all their slippers and was also filled with shopping rage because there are So Many People in shops and the music is Too Loud. I know, I’m old and grumpy. I choose to embrace it.

I googled slippers thinking to buy from the comfort of my own laptop and hated all those ones too. Until, buried in the depths of page 20 of the google images was this:


Cute right? But, alas! Not slippers available for purchase, rather, a pattern for crocheting your own. By this time I had very cold feet and was desperate so crochet-my-own it was. Also, it was a free pattern, which instantly appealed to my cheap side.

I went to John Lewis for a 7mm hook and three balls of this gorgeous wool (this was overkill, I only needed 2 balls).


It’s 70% wool 30% acrylic and fabulously cosy.

Making these up took three episodes of Outlander over two evenings. This is how they turned out:


I am ridiculously, smugly, pleased with them and myself.

The pattern is very clever. It uses only single crochet so is very easy, but the way the uppers are shaped gives these a much better fit and neater appearance than most patterns.  Download here if you want to try.

Anyone else crochet? I constantly see knitting in my sewing blogfeed but rarely crochet, which bemuses me. Crochet is way quicker and vastly more satisfying IMO.