Ladybird pyjamas

I showed my seven year old niece how the back of my Lakeside Pajamas opened up in two curved panels. “Oh! You’re a ladybird!”, she said. So, despite the butterflies, these are now my ladybird pyjamas.


I'm a ladybird

Which is fitting as Lladybird’s is my favourite of the Internet’s many fabulous versions of this pattern.

I made these over the course of a week in early December and then promptly packed them away unworn. They are, I concluded, not suitable for an English winter.

However, they are eminently suitable for the 40 plus degrees of an Adelaide summer, which is where I currently very happily find myself. I have worn these constantly since arriving (albeit with occasional breaks for putting on clothes and leaving the house).


Wrinkled from intensive wear

Fabric is a viscose from the bargain basement of Misan Textiles (in Berwick St, so even the bargain basement is not that bargainous). I made the bias tape from a piece of poly cotton.  Half of the half metre piece yielded about ten metres of tape, of which I used about two thirds.

I loved sewing this pattern. It is simple with few seams but applying the bias trim takes time. I found this very restful. I like a good repetitive task that requires no brainpower though; your experience may vary.


Metres and metres of bias

I will make these again. I could use another set myself and I think they would also make excellent gifts as no real fitting is required.

Excuse the headless photos. Putting identifiable photos of me in my nightie on the internet seemed unwise.

Happy new year all.


One thought on “Ladybird pyjamas

  1. Marlene Kingdon

    I’m amused by Jenna’s perceptive remark. I’ve been trawling the second hand designer shops, retail shops for a smart summer top and have concluded I may as well return to the Bernina and pretend its the 70s since I can’t find ANYTHING I’m willing to pay lots of money for. I hope when we get to London that you have some ideas about second hand designer stuff. Really Like Stella McCartney I’ve decided. MJK



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